Cordinates: (0, 380)

Desert's Heart is a dungeon near Cabin and close to spawn. It consists of traps, puzzles, mobs, parkour, and more.

Difficulty: 5/5

Parkour Rate: 4/5

Mob Rate: 4/5

Puzzle/Trap Rate: 3/5


Entrance (1/10)

Step on the wooden pressure plate and run to the entrance quickly.

First hall (2/10)

Press the wooden button hidden in the wall, and run to the next room.

Redstone Torch Path (7/10)

Follow the redstone torches, and do not fall off. Otherwise, you will fall into the void.

Timed Parkour and Mobs (9/10)

Press the button 4 times, each time spawning zombies. Every time you press the button a piece of snow appears. Hop on the snow, it lasts 30 seconds.

Second Hall (2/10)

Shoot the button on the side of the wall with a bow and continue.

Strip Hall (1/10)

Go up the ladder and make yourself to the next room.

Lava Parkour (7/10)

Shoot the button, and jump quickly before you get shot from behind

Loot Room (1/10)

Gather your loot and go up the ladder.